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Our journey started with two students

It grew from a school assignment: develop a solution from start to finish to improve lives through technology. Co-founders, Julien Mathis and Romain Le Merlus, fans of the open source IT monitoring tool Nagios, were impressed by the potential offered but discouraged by its complexity. To improve its capability, they developed a web interface called Oreon making IT monitoring under Nagios smooth and easy.

The interface was quickly adopted by the international open source community and its success led to the creation of its own open-source software, named Centreon. While the 20,000 active members of the open-source community keep improving the “open core”, it has allowed the Centreon R&D team to focus on the technical and business-oriented options that make Centreon so special.

With more than 15 years of experience, Centreon has developed a unique expertise in IT monitoring. Its reputation of reliability has conquered more than 400 professional customers all over the world with major accounts listed in the Fortune Global 500.

Our Values

Customer First

At Centreon, the customer is at the heart of every decision we make and action we take. Our valued customer relationships are not simply transactional. Helping our customers achieve their goals is our number one priority, and we are constantly looking at innovative new ways to exceed customer expectations and create extraordinary experiences working with us.

Take Responsibility

Centreon is trusted by organizations around the world to help manage their most crucial assets, and this is a responsibility we take very seriously. Every day our team asks how can we contribute and add more value for our customers and our collective global IT community? For us, responsibility also includes taking bold action and ownership. While mistakes can happen, those who don’t take chances can miss valuable learning opportunities. We continually strive to always learn from our mistakes, leave no problem unresolved and to take responsibility in everything we do.

Teamwork for success

Our leadership team and employees take collective pride in a spirit of camaraderie and collaboration. But at Centreon our sense of teamwork doesn’t stop there. We believe in the value people bring to technology, and continually invest in our employees, customers, partners and open source community to empower people and teams with what they need to succeed. We were born in open source, and the fundamentals of collaboration, flexibility and interoperability are in our very DNA as a company. We know that we are all in it together, and we all win it together.

Innovate for simplicity

We are true believers in the adage that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Innovating with simplicity, preserving ease-of-use and accessibility are fundamentally at the core of our IT monitoring platform and our corporate culture. We endeavor to incorporate simplicity by design into everything we do from software development, to communications, to our relationships with our customers, partners and community. If it’s not simple, then for us, it is not truly mastered.

Work & Play

Centreon values its people as its greatest asset and emphasizes the need for work-life balance. We take great satisfaction knowing that we work hard and play harder. The sharpest teams bring a lighthearted spirit of play and fun to their work and everything they do. Celebrating team and personal successes — big and small — is part of everyday life at Centreon.


Centreon's commitments have always been at the heart of its culture

Our company is committed to three major areas:

  • Gender equality by adhering to the Women's Empowerment Principles
  • Diversity by signing the "Diversity Charter"
  • Environment and sustainability by joining the UN Global Compact

Corporate sustainability begins by committing to a system of values and an approach based on business ethics. This means operating in a way that fulfills fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and the fight against corruption.

"Diversity in culture and gender is a path to modern organizations.

Tech companies are moving forward on this, and hiring women has always been a commitment through the years at Centreon. Signing the Women’s Empowerment Principles means for us to keep pushing and accelerate this move. Because by doing this, we are creating a sustainable workplace, fueling innovation, and wellness for all."

Romain Le Merlus (Centreon's Founder & CEO America) 

Joining the Diversity Charter is only a formalization of a long-standing commitment of our leaders. At Centreon, we have always been convinced that diversity and inclusion are key elements of progress and effectiveness. Our HR strategy is therefore based on the fair representation of women at all levels of the company, the inclusion of people with disabilities, diversity of origins and work-life balance. recruitment process, career management and our management promote this commitment.

Current Openings

Rejoignez une société de la FrenchTech, Champion du Pôle Systematic 2020, incontournable dans le monde de l’AIOps !

Stagiaire Projet RSE H/F
Stage Développeur PHP (H/F)
Stage Ingénieur QA - Etude et déploiement d’un outil de gestion de patrimoine de tests
Stage Ingénieur QA - Industrialisation des tests automatisés des API
Product Ops
Stage Chef de projet
Head of SRE (H/F)
Développeur Perl H/F
Chief Customer Success Officer (H/F)
Professional Services
Software Developer PHP (H/F)
Développeur Java H/F
Ingénieur DevOps/SRE Cloud H/F
Account Manager (H/F)
Product Marketing Manager M/F
Candidature Spontanée
Spontaneous application

Interested in Joining our Team?

Our recruitment process is efficient and typically 30 days. Depending upon the role, you should expect the following:

1. Phone discussion with our recruiter

Get to know Centreon while we get to know you.

A first chat to understand your achievements, skills, strengths & passion.

2. Meet the manager

Is this role a good fit?

Dig a bit deeper into mutual expectations about the position and your career goals.

3. Meet your teammates

Discuss technique with your peers.

Check if you get along with them and if you share the same values.

Where are we located?

Centreon Toulouse

80 voix du TOEC

Centreon Paris

46-52 rue Albert
75013 PARIS

Centreon Luxembourg

5 place de la Gare

Centreon North America

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