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Our Values

Customer First

At Centreon, the customer is at the core of every decision and action we take. Our relationships with clients are valuable. Helping our clients achieve their goals is our number one priority, and we are constantly looking for new ways to exceed their expectations.

Take Responsibility

Centreon is the reference tool for monitoring the infrastructures of our customers around the world, a responsibility that we take very seriously. For our teams, responsibility is expressed on a daily basis by taking ownership of audacious topics and actions. Every day, our team asks itself how it can contribute and add more value to our customers and our community. While mistakes can happen, those who don't take risks can miss valuable opportunities. We continually strive to learn from our mistakes, to leave no problem unsolved and to take responsibility for everything we do.

Teamwork for Success

Our team prides itself on its spirit of companionship and collaboration. But our sense of team doesn't stop there. We believe that it is people who bring value to technology and continually invest in our employees, customers, partners and open source community to empower them to achieve their goals. We were born in open source, and the foundations of collaboration, flexibility and interoperability are in our DNA.

Innovate for Simplicity

Leonardo da Vinci said that "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". Innovating with simplicity, maintaining user-friendly and accessible software is at the foundation of our software and our corporate culture. We strive to build simplicity into everything we do, from code development to communications to our relationships with our customers, partners and community. For us, if it's not simple then it's not really mastered.

Work & Play

Our team members are our greatest strength, and reconciling work and private life is a rule for us. But when we have to, we know how to work hard and have fun just as hard. The smartest teams bring a spirit of play to their work and to everything they do. Celebrating personal and team successes - big and small - is part of our daily life.

We care for our employee as well as the world around

Centreon formalizes commitments that have always been at the heart of its culture.

Our company is engaged in three areas that it considers major:

  • The environment and sustainability by joining the UN Global Compact

  • Gender equality by adhering to the Women's Empowerment Principles 

  • Diversity by signing the "Diversity Charter"

Global Compact

Corporate sustainability begins with the company's value system and an approach based on business ethics. This means operating in a way that fulfils fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Women's empowerment

"Diversity in culture and gender is a path to modern organizations.

Tech companies are moving forward on this, and hiring women has always been a commitment through the years at Centreon. Signing the Women’s Empowerment Principles means for us to keep pushing and accelerate this move. Because by doing this, we are creating a sustainable workplace, fueling innovation, and wellness for all."

Julien Mathis (Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer) 

Charte de la diversité

"Our adherence to the Diversity Charter is a formalisation of a long-standing commitment by our directors. At Centreon, we are convinced that diversity and inclusion are central to the progress and efficiency of the company. Our HR strategy is therefore based on the fair representation of women at all levels of the company, the inclusion of people with disabilities, diversity of backgrounds and work-life balance. In this sense, our recruitment, career management and management processes support this commitment. "

Perks and Benefits

Flex Office / Remote

Turn your travel time into well-being and/or productivity


Profit-sharing/Corporate actions/Cooption bonuses


A good atmosphere and good times not only in the office

Works Council

Dynamic representatives who listen to you!


Regular and personalised support

Life insurance

Life is full of ups and downs, features for you in these moments

Health Insurance

Health care should not be a luxury, all our employees have access to a company health insurance policy


Restaurant vouchers: share convivial moments with your colleagues